How does it all work?

It’s best to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation about your specific requirements and situation, because most cases are different. 

But this gives you a general idea of a standard timeline. 

Sperm Collection 

  • If using frozen sperm, can do sperm collection any time before the female patient has OPU. 
  • If you are using fresh sperm, sperm collection must be done on the day of the female patient’s OPU. 

Stimulation / OPU / ICSI / Embryo Development / NGS 

Day 2-3 of Period (approx.)

  • Female patient begins controlled ovarian stimulation, including daily hormone injections as well as periodic hormone blood tests and trans-vaginal ultrasounds during doctor check-ups. 

Day 12 of Period (approx.):

  • Female takes ‘trigger’ injection/s to release the eggs from ovaries to uterus. 

Day 14 of Period (approx.):

  • Female has OPU (egg collection procedure) under general anesthetic.
  • Eggs are fertilized with sperm through IVF or ICSI (Miracle IVF Center uses ICSI technique). 

Day 1-6 of Embryo Development: 

  • Embryos are monitored as they develop into viable embryos at Blastocyst stage. 

Day 5 or Day 6 of Embryo Development: 

  • Embryos that have reached Blastocyst stage are biopsied and sent for NGS testing. 

Approx. 14 days later: 

  • Result of NGS is ready. 


Embryo Transfer 

Day 13-14 after Period (approx.): 

  • Pre-FET scan to check thickness of endometrium (uterus lining) 

Day 18-19 after Period (approx.): 

  • FET to Female Patient. 

Day 28 after Period (approx.): 

  • Blood Test for BHCG to indicate chemical pregnancy. (this can be done with your own doctor).

Week 4-6 of pregnancy: 

  • Ultrasound to check for Fetal Heart Beat (this can be done with your own doctor).