I want to have a baby. How and where to I start?

If you are just starting out on this journey, here are some good initial questions you will need to ask yourself. 

  1. Do I/we need to use ART due to infertility issues of one or both partners, or due to social issues (single parent or same-sex couple)?
  2. Will a female partner stimulate herself, or will you use an egg donor?
  3. Will a male partner provide the sperm, or will you use a sperm donor?
  4. Will a female partner transfer the embryo to herself, or will you use a surrogate mother?
  5. In the event of using a surrogate mother, what is the nationality of the person providing the sperm, and is that the same country the baby will live in after the birth?
  6. Do I/we want to test the embryos before I transfer them, to check for chromosome abnormalities, such as Doman’s Syndrome?
  7. Do I/we want to choose the sex of my baby?
  8. How many embryos do I/we want to transfer at one time (our maximum that we allow is two (2) embryos?
  9. If I am transferring two (2) embryos, am I OK with the increased chance of having twins – not only the increased cost of the pregnancy, but also raising more than one child? 

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